Technical Services

Highly technical aeronautical solutions for a highly specialized industry

Service Support that Keeps you in the air

Aeronautica gives you the same level of expertise and elevated performance as an OEM, without the elevated cost. When it comes to providing the comprehensive services you need, no one is as qualified or dedicated as our team of aerospace technicians. We deliver the on-time solutions you need in the following key areas:

  • 01

    Engineering Services
  • 02

    FAA Certification
  • 03

    Major Repairs and Alterations
  • 04

    Special Mission Support
  • 05

    Out of Production Aircraft Support
  • Engineering Services

    Aeronautica can provide engineering services in a wide variety of specialties as well as various fields such as aerospace, nautical, systems, etc. The following describes Aeronautica’s capabilities in each of these specialties:

    1. 1. External and Internal Loads
    2. 2. Structural Design
    3. 3. Static Strength
    4. 4. Composites
    5. 5. Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Analysis
    6. 6. Electrical Design and Analysis
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  • FAA Certification

    Aeronautica has extensive experience in the FAA certification of airworthiness products in support of Major Alterations and Repairs, as well as new product development involving Type Certificates and Supplemental Type Certificates. Our DER experience includes both Structures as well as Electrical Systems. We also provide both DER and DAR support to customers seeking individual certification approvals, as well as STC product service.

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  • Major Repairs and Alterations

    Aeronautica provides comprehensive engineering and maintainability support to airlines and major overhaul and repair facilities. Support includes evaluation and approval of repairs, evaluation of process specifications and development of specialized installation and tooling procedures.

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  • Special Mission Support:

    Aeronautica has extensive experience in providing technical support and services to government and military aerospace programs. Support includes engineering evaluation of repairs and modification as well as fleet usage evaluations and maintenance planning. Additionally, Aeronautica has developed designs and performed analyses as well as certification of special mission aircraft for government and military use.

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  • Out of Production Aircraft Support

    One of Aeronautica’s specialties is the support of vintage commercial and military aircraft support. Aeronautica has extensive experience in providing engineering services in support of the restoration and maintenance of vintage aircraft and older military aircraft.

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