Special Mission Support

Technical aeronautical solutions for a specialized industry
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    Special Mission Support
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    Out of Production Aircraft Support

Service Support that Keeps you in the air

Aeronautica has extensive experience in providing technical support and services to government and military aerospace programs. Support includes engineering evaluation of repairs and modification as well as fleet usage evaluations and maintenance planning. Additionally, Aeronautica has developed designs and performed analyses as well as certification of special mission aircraft for government and military use. Typical tasks and programs supported are as follows:

  • Aircraft Structural Integrity Program
  • Force Structural Maintenance Planning
  • Fleet Monitoring and Usage Updates
  • Maintenance Planning based on Usage
  • Inspection Program Development
  • Evaluation of Special Mission Utilization and Impact to Inspection Programs
  • Design and Development of Special Mission Aircraft
  • Conversion of COTS Platforms to Military Utilization
  • Airframe Strain Gaging, Correlation and Validation Support