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Service Support that Keeps you in the air

One of Aeronautica’s specialties is the support of vintage commercial and military aircraft support. Aeronautica has extensive experience in providing engineering services in support of the restoration and maintenance of vintage aircraft and older military aircraft. This includes experience with older manufacturing and fabrication processes as well as the ability to provide high tech replacements and substitutions which meet modern FAA and industry requirements. The following is a sample listing of some of the aircraft Aeronautica has experience with as well as a brief summary of some of the major vintage aircraft projects it has been involved in.

  • Boeing Aircraft – 707, KC-135
  • Cessna Aircraft – O-2
  • Curtiss Aircraft – C-46
  • Douglas Aircraft – C-47/DC-3, C-54/DC-4, DC-6, DC-7
  • Northrop Grumman Aircraft – S-2 Tracker, G159 Gulfstream I, G1159 Gulfstream II, T-38, F-5
  • Lockheed aircraft – Model 10, Model 12, Model 14, Model 18, PV-1, PV-2, P-38, P2V-1, T-33, P-3A/B/C, L-188
  • Electra, L-1329 Jetstar, L-49/649/749/1049/1649 Constellation, L-1011 Tristar
  • North American – OV-10
L-1649 Super Star Constellation Restoration

Aeronautica is providing the necessary engineering to perform a complete restoration of the Lufthansa L-1649. The plan for this aircraft is to return it to full FAA Part 121 Commercial Operation. As such, the engineering generated has to meet to most stringent of FAA regulations. Engineering efforts include providing major repairs as well as full component replacements.

P2V-1 and P-3 Damage Tolerance Evaluation

A full engineering evaluation was performed of the Lockheed P2V-1 and P-3 airframes to meet the latest requirements of FAA Part 25.571 in support of firefighting operations. Engineering also included the development of major repairs and service bulletins to provide the latest up to date component overhaul and replacement capabilities to its customers.

Aeronautica has a keen interest in maintaining a presence in the vintage and ex-military aircraft field. As such, it fully understands the challenges customers have in maintaining aircraft which are valuable to our aviation history. Therefore, Aeronautica can provide special pricing and support to those customers on an as need basis. Call our offices for more information: 864.349.1645

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